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 Using the integrated timetable

Start your search by entering stop/station/point of interest (*)/city address of your departure to a stop/station/point of interest (*)/address of your arrival, specifying date and time of departure or date and time of arrival.

(*) You may specify points of interest such as: museums, hospitals, monuments, important regional public buildings.

The system provides you with different connections between the stops/station/landmark of departure and stop/station/landmark of arrival, highlighting the best connection in terms of minimum duration and minimum number of changes.

You may request a detailed description of the route for each connection.

You may use an intermediate station/stop and define the duration of the stopover.

You may choose which means of transport to include or to ignore in your search, using the advanced search option.

You may also choose whether you prefer a direct connection between the departure and arrival locations (if it's available) or to reach your final destination you may use transportation by carrying out one or more changes between different means (all connections).

What other possibilities are available?

You may use an intermediate stop/station: the connections that the system proposes will memorise them. In this case, you may choose which means of transport to include or to ignore in your search both for the route departure location-intermediate location and intermediate location-arrival location. For both routes you may enter your preferences only for direct connections or for all available connections.

Public Transport Companies in Liguria

The system includes the timetables of the following companies

  • Trenitalia that includes the entire regional railway service
  • AMT that covers the entire territory of the municipality of Genoa
  • the railway service Ferrovia Genova-Casella in concession
  • ATC that covers the province of La Spezia and some municipalities of the Lunigiana area
  • Riviera Trasporti that covers the entire province of Imperia
  • ATP Autolinee Provinciali that covers the entire province of Genoa, suburbs and out-of-town areas
  • ACTS that covers the entire territory of Savona, and urban area of Savona
  • SAR that covers the Western province of Savona, the area of Finale Ligure and Albenga area

Time spent on foot

The time spent on foot between a bus-stop and train stop and vice-versa is about five minutes to reach the stops in front of the major train stations (Brignole - Principe) and three minutes for the other stations.

"Click on map" mode

You can interrogate the system in map mode and look for departure and arrival points on an interactive map without having to enter the names in the boxes. This new function helps the user and enlarges the search possibilities.

On the right of the boxes "from" and "to", that each respectively indicate the departure and arrival, there are two icons that represent a small map. Clicking on it a window opens (popup) with the map of Liguria whereby it is possible to search the exact location of departure or arrival. Clicking on the small map of the region you can identify the area you desire and enlarge it in the map window, from here you can enter different levels of zoom to increase or decrease the scale and move in all directions with 8 arrows at the sides.

When you find the exact location click on the map: the popup will close and the address will appear in the box that corresponds to the stop/station of arrival or departure.

The system automatically connects the selected location to the nearest bus stop or railway station.

The map mode is an additional option. You can therefore write the stop you already know in the departure box and use the map to find the arrival point or vice versa.

Quick keyboard commands

  • departure location: <alt><f>
  • arrival location: <alt><t>
  • intermediate stop location: <alt><v>
  • date of departure/arrival: <alt><d>
  • time of departure/arrival: <alt><o>
  • advanced search options: <alt><m>
  • enter search: <alt><s>
  • refresh page: <alt><n>

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