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With this site Regione Liguria offers an information service always available to those that wish to become better acquainted with the territory and its local administration.


All wording, graphics and software contained in this site are protected in accordance with copyright, patents and intellectual property laws. Every product or company mentioned in this site are trademarks of the respective owners or proprietors and may be protected by patents and/or copyrights granted or registered by the appropriate authorities. Thus they may be downloaded or used for personal use only and are not for individual sale: therefore nothing or any part thereof may be reproduced, modified or resold for profit. The contents contained in the site have no legal validity, please consult the official texts published on the printed edition of Regione Liguria's Official Bulletin (BURL).


The timetables are provided directly by the companies that manage the service of local public transport.
Regione Liguria will hold harmless from any and all liability should arise from the mismatch of the same.

Use of the site

In no case may Regione Liguria be held responsible for damages incurred regardless of their nature, directly or indirectly caused by consulting the site, by the use of interactive tools, by the inability or impossibility of entering the site or by using the information contained within. Quotations are allowed only for reporting news or reviews and only if "Regione Liguria" is indicated as the source along with its URL. Regione Liguria reserves the right to reproduce the texts in other publications. Regione Liguria reserves the right to modify the site's contents and legal notices at any given time and without prior notice.

Notifying errors

The service's main goal is to provide prompt and accurate information: users are encouraged to notify any errors or malfunctions both on the site's pages and its interactive services at webmaster@regione.liguria.it. Regione Liguria will carry out all necessary corrections as soon as possible.

Accessing external links

Regione Liguria is not held responsible for the sites that users' access through the links contained in the site. Regione Liguria is not responsible for information obtained by the user through linked hypertext sites. Therefore for the sake of thoroughness and accuracy of such information, the proprietors of the sites a user enters are held responsible and the users are subject to the conditions established by those proprietors.

Privacy policy

Regione Liguria guarantees that the treatment of personal information that may be received via e-mail or electronic forms, including registration information, complies with the current privacy laws (n. 196, established on June 30, 2003, in force as of Jan. 1, 2004). The user's personal data (requested for accessing the services) will not be divulged to third parties, such information will be used only to communicate information regarding the site and its contents and to send possible newsletters with pertinent information. If the purpose of personal data collection is for institutional activities, the public administration does not have to request the user's consent (item 24 of the law) because such information is destined for institutional purposes which is mandatory (in a simple method) for the treatment of medical information (item 81 of the law). The user's rights are those stated in item 7 of the "Privacy Law" and may be used without sending a formal request but simply by registered mail, fax or e-mail (item 9 of the law) addressed to the proprietor or person in charge. The proprietor for the treatment of personal information is the President of the Regional Council, with head office at Via Fieschi, 15 - 16100 Genoa, the persons in charge for the treatment of personal information are the Managers of the competent offices divided by subject (whereby the user may request information regarding only his/her personal data) and officers and employees are authorised to carry out operations for the treatment of personal information on behalf of the proprietor or managers.

Downloading material

All the material that may be downloaded from the site, such as technical documents, regulations, forms and software etc., except where otherwise indicated, is available for free under the conditions established by the proprietor.

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